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The Huerfano County Water Conservancy District (“HCWCD”) has coordinated with other public agencies and private landowners in order to install the early warning stream flow gages, whose readings and corresponding stream flow warnings calibrated to those gage readings are available to the public via this website. The information from these early warning gages is being made available in an effort to provide reasonable notices and warnings to the public of the presence and risk of high stream flows that are predicted to result from thunderstorms and rainfall over the burn areas from the 2018 wildfires within certain Huerfano County drainage basins. These gage readings and the corresponding warnings issued to the public are an effort to assist the public in taking reasonable actions to protect themselves and their property. The flood gage readings and warnings are not a guaranty or warranty as to completeness or the existence, extent, severity, and/or timing of any flood events, but are merely attempted predictions by HCWCD from available data to assist people in taking appropriate action to protect themselves and their property. All parties should make their own independent decision and investigations on the risks presented and actions to take in the event of storm and flooding events. Various errors can occur in connection with stream flow measurements, conversions to warning levels, and their transmission to the public, including, without limitation, debris in the stream providing false readings, weather conditions, failure of power supplies, errors in the satellite transmissions from the gages and to the warning system, problems in necessary internet connections and transmissions, etc.
By the use of this system it is accepted by users in an “as is” condition with any and all faults. The HCWCD is not responsible and shall have no liability for any such errors. The user assumes all responsibility is the use of this warning system. By use of this early warning system, all users of this data agree, acknowledge, and accept (1) the limitations and warnings contained herein, (2) that the District shall not be liable for accuracy or inaccuracy of stream gage readings and/or warnings provided as to the existence and extent of flooding, (3) that the District shall not be liable for any failure to provide notices of flooding, and (4) that the District shall not be liable for any actions that parties decide to take or not to take based on the stream flow levels and/or warnings. All such claims are waved in consideration for the availability of the stream flow data and flood warnings that HCWCD is able to provide, and the user agrees to release and hold HCWCD harmless from and against any and all damages, losses, liability, claims, and liability arising from the use of this early warning system. The provision of this flood data shall in no event be considered a waiver by HCWCD of its rights and defenses under the Colorado Governmental Immunity Act.

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